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Dell Dimension 4600, wanting to upgrade, but problems... with corsair RAM.


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Dell Dimension 4600



I am new to the forums because it was the first time i bought corsair ram, heard its the best `round for gaming rigs, so ofcourse i wanted to buy it! So my friend suggested this ram, TWINX2048-3200PT whitch i purchased, i asked some friends too, one who sets up dells, and said it would work. Well, i plugged it in along with my new 400w power supply and my new nvidia 7800gs, and at first it didnt fit, so i moved the card over just a bit and the RAM looked locked into place. When i start up my computer it just makes 8-9 beeps, that do not sound good at all, and just shows a black screen, like its idle. So, im going to RMA to newegg so i can get my moneyback, cause its obvious that that ram doesnt work for me. So i am trying to decide between all of these:


i also looked on corsair, CMSS1GB-400 is the product # but i dont see the difference between that ram, and the ones i have to return.


Thanks to everyone that helps me!

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There is a HUGE difference. First of all, Dells, as well as all other OEM systems, don't let you change ANY BIOS settings or voltage for memory. These changes are REQUIRED for XMS memory. Therefore, they won't work. System Select memory on the other hand, is made especially to be compatible with OEM systems and their limitations.


In otherwords, you're not going to put a replacement porsche engine in a gremlin right? :) Right part for the right job.


As for the stuff I removed from your post, yes, it's safe to say Corsair doesn't like to promote their competitors, now would they :)

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