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PC3200 RAM Won't POST at 400MHZ


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I have 2 pieces of VS512MB400 ram that is supposed to be PC3200 but I cannot get my PC to post at 400MHZ. The system will either not come up at all or it will partially boot then go to a black screen and do nothing. I've tried changing the settings in the CMOS to match the timing setting from the Corsair web site but it doesn't work when this chip is installed. The other identical chip works fine on it's own but system will not POST or properly boot when the other chip is installed either as a pair or alone. The fastest I can get it to run is about 320MHZ and that's just not acceptable.


Any help would be appreciated as I would like to have my system up and running at full capacity.


The RMA form says I have to post here first even though I'm pretty sure

the RAM is defective but I will try any suggestions.



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