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CMX512-3200LLPT (XMS3205v3.1) on DFI SLI-DR


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CMX512-3200LLPT (XMS3205v3.1) on DFI SLI-DR


I'm having problems getting both of these sticks running stable. I have tested both sticks together and individually. I can get one of them to pass memtest and prime, but if I use the other or run them both together I get errors. I've had these sticks a couple years now. I don't know if one of the sticks went bad or not. I would like to just double check my settings to make sure I have everything set right to run both sticks in dual channel.


I have voltage at 2.8 and am running at 200mhz with these timings. 2.5-3-6-2 with everything else default.


Please lemme know if I should try some other things or if maybe I have a bad stick.


Edit: BTW this is a 1024 TwinX Kit.

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CAS Latency (tCL): 2

RAS to CAS Delay (tRCD): 3

Row Precharge (tRP): 2

Active to Precharge Delay (tRAS): 6


Memory Voltage: 2.7-2.8 Volts (Warrantied up to, but not over, 2.90 volts)

All other settings to defaults.


Source: Corsair XMS Qualification and Testing Information


If that one stick still fails regardless of what slot it's in, fill out an RMA form at http://tsxpress.corsairmemory.com

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