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Corsair 620 load balancing


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I Have a Corsair 620w PSU and understand that one rail has three connectors and 1 PCI-E port for a GPU. Also, the center rail has two connectors and a PCI-E port for my second GPU. The problem is this, I have two XFX 6800xtreme GPUs however they have molex plugs so I can't use the PCI-E ports. I want to balance this properly. Do you have PCI-E to Molex adapters that I can purchase or will there be no effect by only using the five regular ports. If I only use the five the layout would be: (L= left rail, C=Center rail)


L1 800mm Molex serving: GPU#1, DVD-RW#1, Floppy/Card reader combo (Mitsumi)


L2 800mm SATA serving: SATA#1 (O/S),not used, and SATA#2 (applications)


L3 450mm Molex serving: two 120mm Fans and CD (music only)


C1 450mm Molex serving: GPU#2, DVD-RW#2


C2 800mm SATA serving: RAID 0 SATAs (2) for Gaming; and 1 SATA dedicated to Archiving Photos etc.


I also am adding a Creative Fatal1ty FPS Sound card but have no clue as to power requirements so don't know if it will be an issue.


I could always do a bit of splicing to use the PCI-E ports but don't know the pinouts.


Any suggestions? (BTW, I used a couple of online loading programs to be sure the Corsair PSU can handle all this along with A Pentium D 3.2 gHz Dual Core Processor, memory, and the Sound card) No sweat!!

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I'd say take one molex from one rail for one 6800, and one molex from another rail for the other 6800. That's it. Since the 6800 comes with that connector, it's ok to use it directly. You can ignore using the PCI-E since at the end they are connected to the same rail as the molex anyway.
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I checked a lot of reviews and it looks like they all couldn't agree with you more. Besides, it had better be - seeing as how you suggested it to me when we spoke on the phone. Thanks!!


Here's a tip you may wish to spread around. I did this specifically because I have an Antec P180 case which is one notch up from impossible to cable ... With the Corsair flat cabling, separate the individual strands, they are more flexible that way, Also when properly ty-wrapped, the airflow is much improved over the stock flat stuff!

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