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2xTwinX1024-3200XLPT and IC7-G Problem...


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Hi to all, i have 2 x TwinX1024-3200XLPT same revision v1.2 for a total of 4 x 512Mb Ram Modules.


My system is:

Mobo: Abit IC7-G bios rev. 2.8

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 Extreme Edition 3.2Ghz

Video Card: Gainward Geforce 6800 Ultra 256Mb

Audio Card: Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty

And some other device...


The problemi is this:

If i use a single pair of modules for a total of 1Gb, memtest gives me no error i tested all memory on all banks with same result, them works great at 2-3-3-6 (i can't set that to 2-2-2-5 due to chipset lack) pat enabled and so on..


If i try to use it all together memtest+ give me allways an error at address 253.8 at test 4, i have tried all voltages and timings i can't understand what is the problem. (p.s. pat can't be enabled at all)


Some one can help me?

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You may have to run at slower timings when installing 4 modules. Try 2.5-3-3-7.


I haven't tested 2.5-3-3-7 yet, but i have that problem at 3-4-4-8 also...


I can't understand why 4 modules disable PAT and why them fail at the same damn bit at test 4.


I want to cry if i think that my friends with unbranded modules 2x1gb (thats cost 1/4 of my modules) haven't any problem.

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Running 2 x 1GB and 4 x 1GB is a different scenario. Some chipsets/memory controllers may need to run at slower timings when more banks are occupied.


I think that my english isn't good enough...


I haven't 4 modulels of 1 Gb, i have 4 modules of 512Mb all corsair 2-2-2-5 rev 1.2


Now it's clear?

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Regardless of the amount, Ram Guy's point is still valid. With more sticks to work with, the memory controller works harder, and as such, the timings may need to be reduced. Also, they're not tested 4 at a time, so the 2-2-2-5 guarantee isn't valid for more than one TwinX pair.


What voltage are you running the memory at?

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