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Won't boot with VS512MB400


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Athlons 64 3800+ Venice

MSI K8T Neo2

2 x VS512MB400 (1 old and one new both double sided)

Palit Radeon X850XT AGP

420W PSU from LG


When I boot with either of the VS512MB400 it works fine, but when I put them in the correct slots for dual channel it will not POST.

One of the VS512MB400 modules was in an older computer that broke and was tested together with this MB by a computer store and ok:ed and the other is brand new.

Everything in the BIOS is on default.


Thank you.

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We can only insure identical modules for a dual channel set up, if you purchase the XMS Twin set or VS Kits. That is why Corsair and other manufacturers package in pairs. You will have to operate in single channel if purchased seperately.
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