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The frail tip of a 1gb Flash Voyager


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I bought this 1GB Flash Voyager last December and I was excited with the performances (read/write) that it proved to have, similar to those on the reviews.

But what has made my attention rise since the beginning has been the insides of this rubber coat that Corsair have chosen for covering.

I must be hoest and say, that in my "innocence", I believed that under that wobbly rubber coat there was something harder that shoud keep it stiff, as a whole.

I imagined when I saw it that the rubber coat was casted on some kind of metal case covering the circuits, making it really voyage compatible.

I was not interested in the waterproofness of the rubber coating since there are even other plastic covered pen drives that resist to a sinking test; all that interested me was a durability for a long period of time and I thought that a Lifetime Warranty offered by Corsair (and that of three years offered by the retail store from where I bought it :() was really a warranty for as much time that it could be.

But two days ago I realized that this was not going to happen. My worries had started two months ago when I unplugged the flash pen from my computer and when it wobbled a little bit. I had thought then that it could have been from the heat; I waited for it to cool off and and the wobble has not ended. On the contrary, it would increase in amplitude with every usage.

As I was saying, two days ago it stopped working and I saw that the rubber coat has completely dettached from the metal plug (I mean around it) - I can see the insides now - yes, they are very frail!

I am writing now only to let it out. There is a saying that "When one's got a problem you must let him express it; once he has shouted it, he can find a solution by himself"

I do not want a solution from you guys, this is only a review from a user's point of view - you do not have to agree with me; congratulations to those that have been more lucky then I was.

I will not trust anymore a lifetime warranty - luckily this was only for a small thing - these products last less then the others with a time limited warranty.

(as you can see I am not taking into consideration the limited warranty offered by the local retailer - I was not convinced by them to buy it but by the good experiences and reviews I had with and about Corsair - but then again who doesn't want to sell! "Lifetime warranty" helps sales from a marketing point of view, the frailty of the product helps sales by re-creating the need after it breaks down)

Thank you for listening :)

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First thing, our flash products have a 10 year warranty, and I am sorry that you have had a probllem. However we will be happy tp replace it. Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part! Or *New* Tech Support Express” and we will be happy to replace them or it!
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I have the same problem but my pen drive is working at the moment. The metal tip of the pen drive seems to be wobble and it seems to be getting worse. So my questions are

Is this covered by the 10 year warranty?

If so should I send that pen drive back to yourselves?

Wait till the drive goes faulty then send back to yourselves?

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I have the same problem.... My dad gave me a 1gb Corsair flash drive last Christmas, and the other day I noticed it would not do anything when plugged in. I looked closer, and the USB portion is loose. Can I get this replaced or repaired?
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