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maximum voltage on corsair value ddr2 5300 667

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hi i am overclocking my am2 system and my cpu "3500 singelcore" runs rather fast


cpu-z shows v-core wrong it is 1.55 in v-core at that speed


but now im on my way to clock my memmorys and im a total noob on ddr2 memmorys "i have o.c alot but not ddr 2"


so i got to ask what is the maximum voltage i can run my corsair value ddr2 5300 667 1.8v memmory with out risk for killing them

my motherbord can give the memmorys 2.4 v but that feels like overkill :laughing:


sorry if som words are a little wrong or spelling sucks

im from sweden and my english is not that great

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ok tnx for the help

tested som oc for maximum mhz with high timings

1000 mhz 2 t dualchannel 2.1v super pi stabile but not 3d mark

and im running in 2t 816 mhz dualchannel 2.0 as 24/7 speed

the memmorys are a little cranky to run with 1 t


memmory timings do not mather as mutch in ddr 2 thath i did in ddr1

so im gona test a little later what is the best memory speed in 24/7 settings

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