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BIOS error after installing HX620Watt


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Hey everybody, I hope this is the correct area for me asking this question, so here goes.


I am in the process of upgrading my current computer. I currently have a 733mhz P3, with an ASUS CUSL2 motherboard. Previously I had an Antec 300 watt power supply. I only had enough money for the power supply, and since it does support the ATX 2.01 I figured it will work with my current system and my future computer needs.


After I installed the new power supply, hooked up all the cables, and turned on the computer. I was greeted with a message that said


"Hardware Monitor found an error. Enter Power setup menu for details"


so I pressed the delete key and went into the power setup menu and then I went into the area that shows the voltages and RPMs and this is what I got


vcore 1.64v

+3.3 3.44v

+5 4.86v

+12 12.16v

-12 -12.07v

-5 -6.14v (red)


Everything looked good except for the -5v, which was measured at -6.14V and that was coloured in RED.


Is this anything to worry about?


Thanks in advance




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