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VS1GSDS533D2 on Aspire 5102wlmi


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I bought a VS1GSDS533D2 module for my aspire 5102 laptop, it is detected fine by the bios but when windows xp starts it reboots itself with a bsod.


I saw on this page (http://www.superwarehouse.com/p.cfm?p=1487676&CMP=KAC-CNetFeed) that the memory is compatible with my system, but i cant get it to work.


I tried the ram on other laptop and it works fine.


Isn't the VS1GSDS533D2 compatible with the aspire 5102 or what do i have to do to make it work??



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My mb doesn't appear on the memory configuration, and acer has no information on suggested modules. I double checked the specs and they are the same as the mother requires.


I flashed the bios with the new version but the problem remains


I contacted acer support but they haven't helped me at all.

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