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I have 2 of these 1GB XMS3200 modules, and one of them is definitely faulty as confirmed by Memtest86. The other module is absolutely fine and Windows runs with no problems with this module in. The system is bootable so long as the working module is in DIMM1 but crashes when loading windows if the faulty module is plugged in DIMM2. If i reverse this, by putting the faulty module in DIMM1, the system isn't bootable at all. So there is no doubt about this module I have in front of me being faulty.


As for an RMA however, I requested one and was given the address in America. However, I live in the UK and shipping it all the way out there would be a big hassle and I'd rather send it somewhere closer to home. Is there anywhere in the UK or Europe I can send it to? If not I will send it to America to get it replaced anyway but it would be easier if there is somewhere not so far away.



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