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512-3200XLPro Compatibility ?


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Hi Guys,


Just a couple of simple simple questions really relating to the compatibility with my motherboard and this RAM (system details above, unless i got it wrong when registering !!) as i am considering buying 2 matched sticks (Twinx 1024-3200xlpro)


1) Will these work in my motherboard at the correct speed (DDR400) and with the timings as tight as 2-2-2-5


2) Bearing in mind my mobo/CPU does not support a Dual Memory Channel configuration, do i still need to up the memory voltage to 2.75 for it to maintain stability and speed/timings


and finally ...

3) Because of the mobo/CPU chipset restrictions, Dual Memory Channel operation is not an option ..... does this mean i can add a similar stick (512-3200xlpro) to my third DIMM slot to increase the total to 1.5gb without having any major issues ? ... and if so, do i need to beware of revision numbers relating to compatibility


Thanks you for your time :)


(and yes i am on a tight budget :P)

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scratch that request, i'm gonna take some twinx1024-3200c2pro out of another machine.


I have done a little searching around, and while the big thread referred to in other posts about this XL memory and my motherboard seems to be missing, i did manage to glean some info,


it seems that if the modules are dual sided/banked then you can only run at 200mhz using slots 1 and 3 and leaving slot 2 empty.... right ? otherwise it shifts down a speed, and that this is a memory controller restriction, which is integrated into the CPU


so, what are my options for possible upgrade later, is the only option available to shift up to 2x1gb modules ? bearing in mind the motherboard should cope with 3gb in total


and is this really correct ?

Corsair TWINX1024-3500LLPRO DDR 1024MB Kit (Single Sided),CL 2-3-2-6-1T, 437Mhz

from here



single sided ?:confused:


unfortunately both the links (1024-3500LLpro and 2048-3500LLpro) to the pdf info sheet on this page


go to the same pdf file, and thats for the 2048-3500llpro kit :sigh!:

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The MB you have listed in your signature may not have the memory voltage setting in the bios and if not I doubt these modules will run at the tested settings as they have a minimum suggested voltage of 2.75-.8 Volts.
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ok, looks like your right :roll: ...... a closer examination reveals a max increase on the memory voltage of 0.2v over the standard, resulting in 2.70 being my maximum, so best i stay away from the XL stuff :eek:


So to the second question, does anyone know if i can add a 3rd 512mb stick of the c2pro ram into the equation without it going pear shaped and forcing lower timings on me, or is it a suck it and see case, as i am not running dual channel ?

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  • 1 month later...

ok as promised, here's my followup :)


i opted to go for the twinx1024-3200C2PRO and all is working fine


left it in auto select mode in the BIOS and it seems fine, its running at ddr400 speed, not sure about the latency settings, the bios reported CAS2 so i have left the rest of the timings alone for now.

As expected i can only increase to 2.70 volts max so i dont want to try tweeking it any further.


Its obviously running in single channel mode as thats all the 754 chip structure supports


I do have a thridt stick (CMS512-3200C2PRO) ... different revision number, and wanted to add that in too, so i could post back some useful info, unfortunately, i underestimated the size of the ArcticCooler Freezer64 Pro that i used and it completely blocks the DIMM slot nearest to the CPU :( ... this is due to the fan configuration, and that i have it blowing to the back of the case in my setup, if i had it blowing up then alll would be ok, but it would then be blowing hot air over the Gigabyte plug in power stabilzer module :(, i could have modded the fan guard (by cutting the guard ring off at the bottom) but there is stil no guarantees it would have fitted.


So sorry guys, no useful feedback on using 3 sticks in single channel mode :(


when i need more i will upgrade to the TWINX2048-3500LLPRO as recomended :)


thank you for all your replies guys, much appreciated

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follow up info.


i have been having some issues with BIOS settings related to the memory timings (see this post http://www.houseofhelp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=55703)


can't remember where i got this info, but i must have been fairly confident to post it ...

it seems that if the modules are dual sided/banked then you can only run at 200mhz using slots 1 and 3 and leaving slot 2 empty.... right ? otherwise it shifts down a speed, and that this is a memory controller restriction, which is integrated into the CPU


well my current problem is related to this, as i state in the post above, i can't use slot 1 due to the size of the heatsink fan, and the height of the Pro memory, so i have been running in slots 2 and 3 .... now recently i needed to check the timings, and i found that it was down shifting to DDR200 speeds and timings :( ... so i called Gigabyte support, and was told that if i use 2 sticks of DDR400 in then it would shift down like this and over-ride any manual settings i made as this was a CPU memory manager restriction .... (no mention of the slot 1+3 combination thing)


well one of the fixes in version F14 BIOS was to fix a bug relating to manual settings failing to be applied (i am using F15) ... and as this sounds familiar i decided to take a stick out, and see what happens, well i did this and sure enough in Auto mode it switched up to DDR400 specs, however it still got the timings wrong :( so i set them manually and rebooted, then rebooted again into the BIOS and checked that the settings had stayed... no problem all ok ... so i put the second stick back into slot 2 and viola, all the timings stayed as they were set, and it remained in manual mode :bigeyes: and now easytune4 reports 200mhz DRAM frequency


i am thinking of getting some TWINX2048-3500LL ... but not the pro stuff, this "should" fit under the edge of the heatsink fan guard, allowing me to use the recommended Slot 1+3 combination

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