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Hello, i want to add more memory to my system, here are my options and would like to know what is the best way to go...

i have an ECS C19-A SLI, dual 3.0GHz, 680W psu,


i currently have 2 x VS512MB533D2 (1GB) but while playing HL2 loading times can get slow, i have the following settings:


RAS:14, TCD:4, RP:4



here are my options:



VS1G667D2 tho ive read they dont really get to 667MHz but im guessing they will be a bit more then 533MHz that i now have...ive also read they get real hot so ill just ad a heatsink...




TWIN2X2048-6400C4...i dont really know much about these pair but im unsure they will really work on my mobo, the corsair website says they do but do they?


there is a huge dif in price but im willing to pay for it if its really worth it


thanks in advace for the respond

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