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Coolpix S5 1Gb 133x


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I have a Nikon Coolpix S5 digicam and a new 1Gb 133x Corsair SD-Card but my cam won't work with this card together. I get the message that I cant use this card.

I tested a 1Gb 133x card from another manufacturer and it worked. What could be the Problem???


The card works with my pc and is FAT formatted.

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I tested it in the card reader of my notebook and it works. It only doesn't work with my camera.

I phoned with the support hotline of nikon and they told me, that they tested/support online 3 manufacturers for the coolpix S5 and Corsairs is not in this list. It's funny that they only tested 3 manufactuers...


And why doesn't every sd card work with every sd device?? It's a standard! But this is the incredible world of pc ;)


back to topic. I think there is no way to get these 2 things work together. So i will use th sd card for somnething else.



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