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Degrading stability - now only recognizing one stick


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Hello -


I've got 2 Corsair 512M sticks in a dual-channel configuration on an MSI PT880 motherboard, in a home-built system about 16 months old.


For the past 6 months or so, I've started getting more and more blue-screens-of-death, usually PAGE-FAULT-IN-NONPAGED-AREA stops.


In addition, also over the past 6 months, the machine has begun "hanging" - that is, when the machine is on for an extended period, I'll return and it will not wake up from the screensaver's powersave mode. I disabled the powersave mode to see if that was causing the problem, and saw the problem yesterday while the monitor was still on: it would allow me to move the mouse, but no application ever responded to minimize/maximize/close commands. It did bring up the "This application is not responding...would you like to end it?" dialog once, but the application never did end, despite my asking to kill that sucker.


Whenever it hangs like this, when I reboot it the POST gives a problem at memory detection. My motherboard came with a USB card on the backplane with 4 LEDs that light up as the computer POSTs. Each configuration marks a different phase of the POST, and mine has been hanging on step 2. I looked this up in the motherboard manual, and it reads:



Memory Detection Test

- Testing onboard memory size. The D-LED will hang if the memory module is damaged or not installed properly



The motherboard has three slots for memory. 1 & 2 are channel A, and 3 is channel B. I've always had the memory mounted in 1 & 3. Yesterday, I figured I'd try the other slot, and changed it to 2 & 3 - it still hung, eventually. I changed it back to 1 & 3 but swapped modules around, and no luck - still hung.


I also found that, on startup, after I swapped them around, it was recognizing the memory as single-channel (not dual).


The final straw came today, when, during startup, it recognized only 1 of the modules.


My usual fix has been (and still is) letting the computer remain "off" for about 15-20 minutes after a hangup, which indicates something like a heat problem to me. (The modules did feel pretty hot yesterday while I was switching them around, but I don't know their normal operating temp.)


I got them at Fry's, and will try to get them returned there. If that doesn't work, do you, oh great RAM Guy, have any other things I might try? I was going to try running EMM, but since I'm seeing even bigger problems (i.e. one of the modules not recognized) I think EMM would be an exercise in confirming the obvious.





(PS - I'll try to up date the accuracy of my system info in my profile later today - gotta dig out the manuals or open up the case to get part numbers and such.)

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Well, we'll see if it makes a difference, but Fry's replaced the memory since it was under warranty, and I've replaced it. It is now being recognized as Dual channel once again, and both sticks were recognized during bootup.


Fingers crossed!

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