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HX620W Power Switch


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What is the power switch symbol for on and off? lol.... seems like a silly question but I want to make sure the supply is on before I power up the computer. I'm thinking the circle symbol is for "on" and the line symbol is for "off".


Also what is the procedure to drain the capacitors after the unit is unplugged? Or should I not be concerned on the power supply side to the components that there is current remaining. Thanks.


Here is a sneak peak at my new system with your PSU. :biggrin:


PS... The only thing left for me to install is the RAM (TWIN2X2048-6400C3) Please guys get these shipped out...... I'm dying to fire it up.:sigh!:







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yep, very standard. The easy way to clear the caps is to turn off your PC and then turn off the power supply via the switch. Then unplug the power supply and hold down the power button on your PC for 5 to 10 seconds. You'll probably hear the caps dissipate.
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