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Memory fails on multiple machines


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I purchased a 1GB chip that was listed as suitable for my Intel MB. However, the computer won't boot at all with the chip installed. I tried the chip by itself in both slots and in combination with other existing chips.


I tried the chip on another same model Intel MB with the same failure.


Problem is an inability to even get past the very first memory testing - so never get anything at all on the monitor. Simply get a series of beeps (believe that it is 3 beeps).


I gave chip to the computer tech who maintains our network to trade for other parts. He was unable to get it to function either and gave it back.



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I used the Corsair Memory Configurator and its lists both the VS1GB333 which you mention as well as the VS1GB400C3 whiich I have. So I am totally confused as to who to believe. They both show up in the bottom section called A Complete List of Modules Compatible with your Product.


So what would you do? I used the Memory Configurator to pick a product. My computer does not boot.


The manual also says under Troubleshooting as follows:


A repeating beep error code is heard and the desktop board does not boot or show any video (my situation)


The beep code may indicate a problem during he detection of the DDR SDRAM memory device.


I cannot say for certain what configuration my tech person tested the chip in - but my assumption is that he is savvy enough to know what he is doing. I believe that he also tried a couple of boxes before deciding it was the chip and not his equipment.


Can I trade my VS1GB400C3 (which the Memory Configurator says will work) for the VS1GB333 which you say will work?


If I cannot simply trade, I would like to RMA this chip.

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