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I have a real problem and I am at a loss to work out what I can do.


I currently have 4 x 512Mb Corsair XMS2 6400 RAM ( see Sig) but there seems to be a problem when using all four in my new motherboard. If I have all four sims in the computer wont post. nothing at all, just sits there. If I take out the Dimms from slots 1 and 2 the computer boots fine.


I then shut down the PC, take out the 2 "Working" sticks of RAM and put in the other 2 and the computer boots fine. If I put one of the 512's in to either slot 1 or 2 the computer wont boot.


I initially thought it was a motherboard problem so I contacted ASUS and they suggested I return the motherboard which I did. Now I have just rebuilt my computer after I got a replacement today and the problem is still as I have described above so obviously the Mboard was not faulty.


Has anyone else had the same or similar problems? I really have no idea now what to do. All 4 sticks of ram came out of my old Motherboard and they worked fine.


My new computer.


P5W HD - Deluxe MBoard.

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600

Chieftec Big Tower Mesh Silver

Gainward 7800GTX CoolFX version

Alphacool Water cooling

Corsair TWIN2X 6400 DDR2, 2048MB CL5

1 x WD Raptor 150Gig Gamer Edition HDD.

3 x 400 Gig SATA HDD's

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Thanks for the reply. Yes I have the latest Bios installed and I set the power to 2.1v as you suggested. Still the problem persists If I have all 4 Dimms in the computer will not even post. No beep when you turn it on nothing at all.

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Still looking for an Answer to this question, Is this RAM not compatible with the ASUS board? And If this is the case I would expect Corsair and ASUS to come out with a statement on this.


If I have the 2 Sticks in and test them everything is fine. Swap them out for the other 2 and the same


4 Sticks and the computer wont post, so I dont evn get the chance to test all 4 together. And they all work in the previous ASUS board I had.

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No, With all 4 Dimms it wont post, cant get to the Bios at all. Thats the frustrating thing.

I have been able to get in with 2 in Slots 3 and 4 of the Mboard everything is default, ie set to Auto. I havent over clocked it at all and I do have the latest Bios.

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As soon as I have 2 sticks in Slots 1 and 2 the computer wont post so its impossible to run Memtest.

I have contacted ASUS again asking if thre is a manufacturing problem because this is the 2nd Board I now have where this is the same problem.


And of course they have not replied.


I guess the RAM is ok as it works in Slots 3 and 4. I just cant believe that 2 diffrent boards are showing the exact same problems.

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