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RMA request (compatibility): VS2GBKIT400C3 missing SPD-timing for DDR333


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I have 2 pairs of VS2GBKIT400C3 (2x1GB DDR400 PC3200 184-pin Value Select DIMM.) The first pair works fine in every system (P4 and Athlon64) at my workplace. The second pair only works in our Athlon/64 system, but not in some aging Pentium/4 2.66GHz systems. The P4 systems have Fujitsu-Siemens 845G motherboards capable of DDR266/333.


If I install the 2nd VS2GBKIT400C3 kit (or even just 1 stick at a time) into the 845G motherboard, that system won't boot -- it hangs with a black screen.


I ran memtest on both kits in the Athlon/64 -- both pass fine! On a tip from a technician friend, I ran 'Sisoft-Sandra' and had it report the RAM's SPD-information. The first-pair contains timings for both "DDR400" and "DDR333". The second-pair only has timings for "DDR400". My technician friend believes the P4-motherboards need the SPD-entry for DDR333 (or DDR266.)


Anyway, I need to use the 2GB RAM in the P4 system. The RAM is physically ok -- it's just missing the proper SPD-info to work with the Intel 845G. Therefore, I'd like to RMA the 2nd VS2GBKIT400C3 RAM-kit.


(Incidentally, I bought both kits 2 months apart from Frys Electronics.)

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