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Possible bad memory


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I have Corsair TWINX PC4000PT (2gb total, 1gb a stick) that is failing on Memtest86+. I am using the Asus A8N32-SLI with legacy USB turned off. At 43% of the first pass complete, I have 20 errors on my memory. Do I need to test the sticks individually to find the faulty stick that is bad, or since this is a twinx kit, do both sticks get replaced? Do I need to do any further testing to get these stick(s) replaced? If so, what else do I need to do.


I was actually suprised that I have bad memory as these modules are only a couple of months old and I have never had Corsair memeory go bad before.



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Well, after 4.5 hrs of testing, I think I've found that my ram is good. It will run DDR500 3-4-4-8 with 2.75 volts and pass Memtest86+. Unfortunetly I still cant prime stabe running 250, but that is not for this forum.


I did find the ram to be good, so it looks like the auto setting for volts while running 250 mhz just wasn't enough, but running it at 2.75 worked.


Thanks for the ideas and replies.

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