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HX620s DOA?


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Hi PowerGuy --


ZipZoomFly finally got the HX620w in stock. So I placed my order immediately and received the Power Supply via FedEx. I couldn't wait to plug it in and see that fan turning so I'd know it would be ready for the new computer I am building with all the components slowly gathering on my workbench.


I plugged the power supply into the wall socket and nothing. Nada. I flipped the switch on the HX620w a couple times ... no change.


I assume the power supply can be powered up without being connected to a motherboard ... right? The fan should be turning and I should either feel or hear a slight humming from the power supply? I'm getting nothing. So did I get a DOA power supply?


Not a good feeling for a first time Corsair purchase ...


Any suggestions on troubleshooting?

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Yeah, don't worry about it being DOA in your situation, it isn't supposed to do anything if nothing is plugged in. You need to get it in a system connected up to a motherboard first, or you can short the green wire to a black wire with a paperclip to get it to turn on if not in a system.
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