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Corsair 3200C2 v 3.4 CL2


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My new PC is :

MB: DFI UT Lanparty NF4 SLI-D,

CPU: Amd Athlon 64 3500+ /2,2Ghz, 512KB L2 cache, Venice core DH-E6.

RAM: Corsair XMS 3200C2 XMS3202 v3.4 CL2. /2-3-3-6/ 2x512MB

HDD: Seagate Baracuda 250GB SATA2 8Mb cache

VC: Galaxy GF 7600GS 128MB DDR3 Zalman ed., 500/1400Mhz

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I have a problem with CAS Latency. The OS(gentoo linux 64, debian or windows XP) can't boot @ 2-3-3-6 timings correct,only if latency is 2,5 or higher....

By CL2 Windows crash immediately , Linux - Segmentation fault near start deamons, FS ( reiser) give errors....

At 2.5-3-3-6 i have no problem.


Is this a problem? Why it cannot leave at CL2?


BR: ifcho

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Cas 2.5 is suggested with AMD XP CPU platform so that is normal!



I have a Athlon XP 3200+ and Epox 8RDA3+ and I run @ 2-3-3-6.( run without problem at 2,9V)


Now I have Athlon 64 3500+ and I cant run @ 2-3-3-6



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Hello RAM GUY ;)


I tested the modules one after another at single channel.......(or at dual)

The problem remain:(


Incredible instability was monitored in a latency 2 @ 2.6-2.9Volts.

More STABILITY I have when I run memory at 3.0V , but still crash at CAS Latency 2.

Segmentation fault by linux or blue windows screen.......


I feature last BIOS from DFI for 2006....


The memory pics:




BR: ifcho!

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am sorry that you are having trouble. Let's get your modules replaced,

Please use the [http://www.corsairmemory.com/main/rma_request.html] "On Line RMA Request Form" and we will be happy to replace them or it.



I thank you much much...


I am not 100% certain that the problem is in memory.

There is chance and the issue to be in DFI....


At 2.5-3-3-6 timings I have a 100% stability!!! Memtest86, v 1.65 gives NO errors at 2.5-3-3-6 /2,7volts/ over 48 hours...( 70 pass or more).

100% stability in very heavy games...Super Pi ...


The problem is only when I run at CL2!


I will try with another memory chip (A-DATA) and will be tell you, then I use the http://www.corsairmemory.com/main/rma_request.html.

I live in Bulgaria, have here support of my favorite memory "Corsair"?


PS:I do not talk well English, hopes that you understand me;)

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As was stated earlier, 3200C2s will run at 2.0-3-3-6 (that's CAS LATENCY at 2.0) on AMD Athlon64 systems with no problem whatsoever.


No, Corsair is only located in the USA and does not have a base of operation outside of the USA. Corsair's warranty is worldwide, so if you do choose to RMA your memory, you would simply ship it to the USA. However, you should check with your reseller in Bulgaria first, as they may be able to help you RMA it, which would certainly help in shipping charges and speed.

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