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faulty CMX512-4000Pro


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hello, i bought this kit about 18months ago along with some platniums (pretty much the same thing but with out the LED's)

i wondered why i kept having OS issues so i decided to test each module, the plats test well but one of the pro modules wont even post :(


i originally had these installed an Abit IC7-MAX3 which seems to allow it to post but it will only clock to 236Mhz.

I now own a DFI expert and thats the one that wont allow the module to even post :eek:

any suggestions or questions, please let me know, otherwise i'd like to see if i could please RMA this kit.

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well, they admitted it was a mistake, asked me to send the XMS3200 back and now i have just recieved a set of XMS3500.

another mistake?

or just someone in corsair forgetting to ask what the customer might like to do since there are no replacements?

At the moment customer support seems alittle barren, quiet even.


i live in NZ, is there a 0800 number i could call?

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thank you, i didnt want to open the packaging ang try them incase it prevented me from returning them.

I'll let you know how they go.


I still would like to have some kind of reply from corsair as to why i got sent these or even given a choice of different modules, this kit is alot cheaper than the kit i originally sent away. the 2Gb kit of 3500LL cost's the same as the 1Gb kit of 4000PRO. i recieved the 1GB kit of 3500LL. understand my frustration?


thank you for your quick reply RAM GUY, it is much appretiated :D

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well i've had a little play with the 3500LL, took me awile to get the dfi board to finally accept it (nothing unusual)

it wont run at DDR436 2-3-2-6 T1 or T2 but it will run DDR500 3-4-4-8 T2 but only with 2.9v.

so the fastest stable speed so far appears like its the same as what PC4000 will do standard (not overclocked and T1)


of course i havent spent enough time to know exactly what these can do but i can tell you that on my setup these wont run DDR500 T1 unlike the corsair 2x cmx512-4000PT (i have those installed on another machine) which will get to DDR530 2.8v.


so these 3500LL dont seem to reach the same OC as the 4000 i originally sent in.


my other concern is that i paid alot of money for the 4000pro, while the 3500LL are alot cheaper.


i dont expect a refund of any sort but I do expect this to happen.

If the part fails Corsair’s test, it will be replaced by an equivalent (or better) part that passes the test.

Am i expecting too much? the performance and cost of the replacement ram is less than what the original ram was.


it would be great if help and support would reply so i could tell them the same, maybe then all this could be sorted out quickly. a suggestion or choice of replacement modules would've been alot better (hoping help and support read the forums too).


thanks again RAM GUY, i am still a corsair supporter, just unhappy.


Edit: from now on, please refer to here for future posts

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