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xms2 2*1gb compatible with dq6?


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Hi. I want to buy corsair xms2 2*1gb ddr2 800mhz 4-4-4-12 but i dont know whether it is compatible with my new mobo; gigabyte dq6. Before this, I have bought G.Skill NS 2*1024gb 800mhz but it didn't boot up. When I change the vdimm voltage to 2.2-2.3V it boots up, but in 10 minutes it is locked. I wonder whether it is valid for corsair or not :confused:


I found a web-site that shows the compatible memories with the mobo




I don't know whether this ram is twinx and this ram is the model on the website. And should I change the bios settings manually if I buy this ram? Also, I have updated bios to f3.


The processor is E6300 and vga card is Sapphire X1900xt

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Heres some info on compatability




Here is a good LONG thread for ya for the DS3,DS4,DQ6, maybe some useful in

it. Think there is some F4beta BIOS around for the DQ6



I know my answer doesn´t really answer all your questions, but maybe it will help you along.


Happy hunting

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Thank you. In the list of compatibility, I have only found one ram with 4-4-4-12, 2*1gb and 800mhz; twin2xp2048-6400c4. I think the ram that I talked about above is this. Does somebody verify me? And also, should I change any settings in bios manually??
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Im gonna feed you with some more info now, whitout exactly answering your questions, but hopefully you get some help from it.


This even LONGER thread :eek: is highly recommended, eventhough the topic is about the Ga-DS3, there is really lots of good info in there for DS3/DS4/DQ6. Mind you though to read the whole lot as it progresses as new BIOS has come out, and older problems in the thread might not be relevant anymore.




It seems manual settings are more stable than auto settings.

And I dont remember if its from the thread above or I read it somewhere else,

but there are problems withs some models of ********* :p: RAM not sure if it was the NS.


Happy reading and good luck

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