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Maximum OC Freq VS1GBKIT400 ?


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I have 2X512 sticks of Corsair Value Select VS1GBKit400 that I bought at the same time in one package in Oct 2005.


I have a Asus A8V w/AMD A64 3700+ that I'm trying to overclock(OC). On a 1:1 what is the maximum frequency that this memory (default 200@2.5,3,3,8 1T in dual channel) can go to?



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You just have to test it but I would suggest 2.9 Volts at 2 T command Rate.


The 2T slows my SuperPi 1meg speed by 4%

2T SuperPi 1meg =36.52sec

1T SuperPi 1meg =35.21sec


Why 2T?


Can the VS1GBKit400 go to 250mhz on a ASUS A8V Delux board with standard Air cooling?

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