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VS1GB667D2 NOT running @ 667


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hello, i have 2x VS1GB667D2 which should be running @667mhz, 5-5-5-15.

but it isn't. i can't RMA cause i have no stickers on them ( yeah i know, i'm stupid :(: )


well anyway.. i'm not sure if it's my other components limiting the speed or smth.


am2 3200+, MSI K9N Ultra


currently i'm running my cpu @ 2.5ghz, fsb/htt at 250mhz. set my mem speed to 533mhz and with higher fsb it means it's now running at around 625mhz. set timings at 3-3-3-11 and voltage to 1.9v. it's stable. in fact very stable. 3 whole days on prime95.

also i had to disable all spread spectrums and set the HT to 800mhz. don't know if this has something to do with memory but only this way i could get my fsb up to 250mhz.


so i was wondering if some other components are limiting the memory and if it's possible to get higher speed?

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