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Corsair cool faulty water block


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I recently purchased a new corsair cool water cooling kit from http://www.frozencpu.com


When i began installing the kit. i took my time and finished fairly simply, i followed the instructions to the T


When i fired up the system i was pleased to see everything was working and there was no leaks at the time.


About 20 minutes later i checked the system again for kinks and leaks.. there was none.


then about an hour after that while i was playing a game i recieved the blue screen of death.


I imediatly thought to power off the cpu and look at the water cooling loop.. i assumed i had a leak and i was right. there was water everywhere in my case.. on the floor and on my 2 gpu cards.. i proceded to try and find the source of the leak. all the fittings i had secured were tight as could be.. nice and dry. i then saw some water dripping off my water block. and i found that a faulty cpu block had been the source of the leak.. the copper contact of the cpu block had a small hole in it. and had been the source of the massive amount of water...


I was wondering what to do here... becuase the accident was not my fault.. but the result of poor construction of the block, so i need to know how to go about requesting that first my cpu block be replaced as promply as possible.


And if i have damaged components is corsair responsable for replacing them aswell?


Because that would be messed up if they just said i was S.O.L


if i could get some tips on how to report this and get it fixed as soon as possible that would be great.


even after this accident i look forward to using the corsair cool system.. becuase had it not been for the faulty cpu block i would have been extremly happy with this product.

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i did the problem report. havent recieved a reply yet though.. if somone knows could they tell me if corsair will replace my damaged hardware from this accident though. because if they dont i need to start buying all new stuff :(


at the moment i am assuming they will though. because i did not read any fine print about them not being responsable for a faulty product.


and can somone tell me the exact odds of having a faulty waterblock so i can know exactly how poor my luck is :)

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About two days ago i filed the problem with corsair.. i have had no responce.

at this point i am wondering if it would be better just to take my losses and purchase a new computer. because at this point time is money and im loosing alot of both.


please if someone could help me get this ball rolling that would be great.. i mean i have lost my pc because i was sent a faulty water block


Im just looking for a little help from anywhere i can get it.

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it has now been about 2 weeks since i emailed corsair about there faulty product... i have received no responce.


If anyone is thinking about purchasing the watercooling kit from corsair i urge you to instead spend a bit extra money and go with a danger den kit.


I had to purchase a new water block because corsair did not email me back. i went to danger den and they had me an awsome one extremly quick.


I have already had to replace the faulty cpu block from the damn corsair kit. and soon i will have to replace the pump because its goin out also. no matter what from now on out its danger den parts for me.. and i recomend all others do the same

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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry that your post was over looked.

And I will check into your email ASAP. Can you re-send the last email you sent and CC it to ramguy@corsairmemory.com and include your phone number I will get the issue resolved ASAP.

You can call our customer service at 888-222-4346 and they will get you taken care of.

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