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Trials of making Bootable Flash Voyager


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I bought two 4GB Flash Voyagers to make them bootable for the new Dell machines that are shipping without floppy drives.


I installed the Voyager Utility and prodeeded to format the whole 4GB and make bootable the first one using a regular Win98 boot floppy. It worked like a charm and booted right up!


I repeated these steps in with the second one and when I tried to boot from it I got a 'Disk Error Press any key to reboot' message. I went to http://www.bootdisk.com and tried DOS 6.22, Win95a, and Win98 all with the same error at boot.


I had reformatted the entire 4GB each time with the utility. I decided to try making a 511MB partition and try again. For some reason it worked with the partition and the 98 boot disk. Now it boots fine.


Anyone know what formatting two seperate partitions did that formatting one whole partition didn't do?

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You will need to use Win98SE or newer with the drive and I would use the Dos prompt to format it from a bootable floppy like this:

Format X: /FS:Fat32 /U /S to make it bootable.

X = the drive letter

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