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I have some big problems with my system. I have had it for 3 month's. First 2 week's it was all ok. Then it started to crash when playing games. In the game there where artifacts in the "image" then crash back to windows. Then in windows it went all black when it refreshed the desktop, like when clicking the start menu etc. 30 sec later there was allways a reboot.


I've got the BFG 7900GT replaced, but I still have major problems.


Now when I start the computer sometimes - the graphic's is wierd on the boot-screen. Sometimes all the characters has a vertically line right throu. Even if I enter Bios, they are is still there. Doesn't matter if I reboot, or cut the power, the characters are still messed up. But if I reboot like 10 times it can look normal again. ? (have a picture of the vertically lines)


I wan't to know if it is some kind of tuning I can do in bios for the memory?

If it is the memory... I tested the memories with Memtest, seemed ok, but with "auto"-config I get Settings Ram: 201MHz (DDR402) when testing single module in slot B1?


I have 2 Corsair VS1GBKit400 and a ASUS A8N-E, have a look at my profile.

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I was thinking the same thing about the power, but I have a brother that have the same kind of PSU and have the bigger version of graphics card BFG7900GTX and he has no problems at all, but he has other kind of memories and another MoBo.


My PSU are a Antec Smart Power 450, model: SP-450P with PFC

I have 4 DIMMS total.

I have the latest versions of bios and drivers


I will try to raise the voltage, will post tomorrow again. The time here is now 10:56 pm.




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I've contacted both BFG & Antec.

BFG suggest to remove CMOS battery for 5-10 mins to fix the issues with the vertically lines throu characters. And update all drivers (witch I allready done). They doesn't say antything about the power.


Antec has not responded yet. I will wait for answer from them before I order a better PSU, I don't know anyone nearby to lend me one.



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I've tested my system with another PSU at last.


A HuntKey, Deltaco, model PSU-422, Silent Power, 450w. And after a 12 hour test with games and 3DMark06, it is still stable!


I've contacted BFG again to see if they have any specific info on my original PSU.


I've also contacted Antec again (and the place where I bought the computer) to tell them that it work's fine with another PSU.


So it seems to get solved soon.


Thank's for the help!

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