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ASUS MOBO with Corsair memory-Nothing but Problems...I could use some help


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Up until today I have not had a problem with my computer, but for some reason it messed up over night and would not POST. I am running an ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe MOBO and 1x2GB Corsair Twin2048-3200cpt memory modules. I have them in the dual channel slots...ie. the A1 and B1 slots and I actually the same issue when I first received the MOBO. I changed the memory settings and it seemed to work...until today. I have not changed anything and did not do anything different. I need some help to get this running right in the dual channel mode and not crash on startup or not POST. Both modules of memory work fine, just not together. I downloaded A64 Tweaker to help and played around in that with some of the forum suggestions but with no luck. Can anyone please help? I am a computer builder, but I don't usually mess around with the BIOS and stuff. I only want the memory to work as ASUS says it's supposed to...nothing more. I do not want to overclock it unless it will help. PLEASE HELP ME!!! Oh, also...all those memory settings are confusing to me, so if you could speak in very simple terms, it would help ie... make sure every thing you want me to change is written out (TRAS, TRC, TWRT etc..) Thanks alot. I hope this works. :confused:
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