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Where ist better ???


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Hi I have new Asus P5B Mainboard, Intel Pentium D 940. Now i want looking memory for my system and i want ask where ist better


1. Corsair XMS PC2 667 CL4KIT (2Gb)

2. Corsair XMX PC2 800 CL5 KIT (2Gb)




Unfortunately, I'd have to agree with the RAM GUY there. It's not just your motherboard that's the limiting factor, it's your CPU also. Intel dictates that an 800MHz FSB CPU cannot run DDR2 memory above DDR2-667 speed when used on a motherboard equipped with an Intel chipset. And there are currently no dual-core Intel CPU's which use an effective FSB speed above 800MHz. You will need a CPU with a 1.06GHz effective FSB speed in order to run DDR2-800 memory at its full rated speed -- but the only Intel CPU's with such a high FSB clockspeed are all Extreme Edition single-core models.

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