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XMS TWINX2048-4000PT not compatible


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:confused: Hai,


I just bought XMS TWINX2048-4000PT kit and i can't get it to work at the right speeds. With any oc I get bsod! My rig:


AMD3500 winchester core

ABIT AT8 32X mobo (rocks)


Sapphire x1800GTO

******** Power Xstream 700w


Tried the recommended settings in my bios but keep getting bsod. Tested the ram on default settings with memtest no errors, with other settings errors.


I used to get my CPU to 2650 mhz but now no more, then I used my old 1gig corsair value.


So I'm hitting a brick wall now with my oc and memspeed any suggestions??


Thx Dwinzz


Ok I now even got a lot error messages and random closure of programs because of errors....:mad: I had this before with my new xmspc3200 wich was bad! And had to return to the shop and swapped it for these.


new edit: ok forget everything I returned them to the shop. Got my money back and I will see what brand I'm going to buy now.Two times in a row imho is in my standard to much.


edit:funny to see how my brand of PSU is ***** LOL:p: :evil:

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