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MSI K9N Neo and Corsair ValueSelect VS512MB533D2


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I'm just in the process of building a system with the above MB and Memory, plus an AMD Sempron 3400+ (AM2) processor, a SATA Drive, and a PCI NVidia Graphics card.


The system loads up the BIOS, which I can enter and adjust but when it loads Windows it flashes up a "blue screen" which is too quick to see and then restarts.


I've tried to use Safe mode but it loads a few programs of the HD then the same occurs.


The HD and graphics cards have been transferred from another build so I know they work, plus I tried a IDE HD with the same results and I've tried the graphics card in different PCI slots.


I suspect it's the memory, I checked the compatibility list for the MB and this memory isn't on it, but the 256mb and 1gb are.


Any ideas?



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You cannot move a Hard drive from another system with WinXP.

You will need to delete the partition on one of the drives and then restart and install WinXP Fresh with this system or use another fresh HDD.

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