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Asus M2N32-SLI deluxe ram timings for TWIN2x2048-6400C4


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Ram Guy,



I have the above mobo, and two sets of the above memory- i.e. 4GB total in 2 matched 2GB sets. For some time I was struggling with one of these sets, and getting all kinds of boot problems and windows XP and x64 installation problems. Now I have the second set in and all is going smoothly.


My question is this: how should I set the ram timings for this type of memory with this board?


I have the Corsair Labs Performance Report #5148, which details some of the ram timings, but I'm fairly ignorant of all the settings that are settable in the BIOS for this board, and don't want to screw things up. The current installed ram is working (knock on wood) with the default settings the the BIOS applies, which are 5-5-5-18. Is it true that my 'bad' ram might just be acting up becuase the settings are incorrect? And if so, can you detail for me where I need to make changes in the BIOS to get the timings correct?


Thanks very much,


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With 4 modules you really should be using a 550-600 Watt PSU with this MB.

But I would set the memory Voltage to 2.1 Volts and set the memory frequency at DDR-667 Mhz with 4 modules. But test them one set at a time at the tested settings to make sure one is not failing. DDR2-800 @ 1.9 Volts!

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That's a good idea- I have only been testing them in the pairs they came in. I did adjust the current working pair to the timings mentioned in the report- 4-4-4-12-2T at 800MHz with 1.9V and those two working sticks continued to work just fine. I then put the other two sticks in as well and the box wouldn't even post.


One thing I'm confused about- why should I run 4 modules at 667MHz? Is this just for stability testing? Or are you saying that I should underclock my RAM from 800? It's just that the mobo is DDR2-800, and the ram is PC6400, so why should I need to underclock the bus?


Thanks for the feedback,


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