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Flash disk 1Gb and Win2000+SP4 problem


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I am satisfied with my 1GB Flash Voyager drive, but two problems occured recently:

1. cap was falling off all the time and I got lost it,

2. computer on my work is Pentium 4 (AMD XP2000+, Abit NF7, 1Gb RAM, etc.) with Windows 2000 + service pack 4. From time to time (once daily at least), when I try to load some file (or try to save it), system reports error that file can't be found or the drive is not accessible. (Sometimes, it is enough to disconnect it and later connect it again, and flash doesn’t work – luckily all data is saved on flash although can’t be seen) After that error, I can't see anything on USB flash. Sometimes I succeed remove it using tray icon, but sometimes it doesn't work, so I must restart computer (after that operation, usb sometimes works normally but sometimes doesn’t). As flash drive works perfectly on my laptop and on some other computers (all of them have WinXP), I assume that something is wrong with Win2000 compatibility. Please help me solving the problem, as I need flash disk every day? Thanks in advance.


PS. Previous flash disk (TwinMOS 256Mb USB1.1) never showed any problem on this system.


Best regards,


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