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GA-965P-S3 and Twin2x1024-5400C4, more


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Dear Ram Guy,


is the ram combatible with the board ? GA-965p-S3 ?

I heart only ram with 1,8 Volt will boot up, but this ram have 1,9 Volt.

What about Twin2x2048-5400C4 ?

It is possible to build in 2 pieces of the twin-packs ? (overall 2 or 4 GB)

2 x Twin2x1024-5400C4 = 2 GB

or 2 x Twin2x2048-5400C4 = 4 GB?

Mixed possible too ?

1 x Twin2x1024-5400C4 and 1 x Twin2x2048-5400C4 = 3 GB ?

How important are the revisions of the ram ?


Best regards



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I would not suggest more than one set of modules with any GB MB, but you are welcome to try it and you would need to be able to set the minimum suggested Voltage to 1.9 Volts but I would suggest 2.1 Volts if you plan on using 4 modules.
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