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I have an rma number and have returned my twinx.

At first you seemed to have lost my package even tho' I sent it DHL from UK.

I called Tina many times about this...

She emailed on the 11th and said you had 'found' the package and would be sending the replacements.

I asked for a tracking number (by email twice and voicemail once).

Could you ask her to respond? She will probably know who it is, if not I can PM my details...

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Hi Ramguy,


You have been cc'ed to the latest part of the thread...


It seems that this won't be back to me before Monday now unless sent Express.


This shipment took 4 days to arrive at Fremont...


Because of the delay in finding the package and the lack of a Saturday delivery, the replacements will not reach me until Monday unless expedited - Is there anything that can be done?





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