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1 Bad TwinX2048-3200 Module

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Hi Ram Guy,


I bought and installed a TwinX pack for a system with an existing installation of Windows several months ago. Last week the system spontaneously rebooted and could not make it through a Windows startup without hanging or rebooting. When I tried repairing the installation using the Windows cd it was having trouble copying files onto the hard drive. After trying and failing several times to use the repair feature I decided to make a memtest disk and check the computer. Sure enough when memtest finished its first pass there were several million errors so I turned off the comp and removed one stick. The errors persisted. When I replaced that stick with the one that I had taken out originally the errors were no more. I repeated the testing with both sticks one at a time in a slot then moving to the next slot. Throughout the testing only one of the sticks generated errors. So I'd like your approval to request an RMA.



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