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Intel Dp965lt Compatible Pc6400 Needed


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Hi all,


i recently bought an intel board dp965lt not knowing it would only support

memory voltage @ 1.8v....:(:

anyways, looking to buy corsair TWIN2X1024A-6400 after

using corsair tool advisor, however i would like confirmation this will work as i have read no end of forums stating that this board only likes running ram @1.8v knowing Corsair runs @ 1.9v Yet corsair tool advisor does states it is compatible.

theres no tweaking in this bios adjusting voltages....bummer


your help would be most appreciated....

cheers in advance.

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This is not an isolated incident, noone anywhere seems to know the answer. Not even Corsair. I have emailed them, no answer. Newegg even lists several of their 1.9v memory as 1.8v, so I was already to buy until I checked Corsair site and realized it is listed as 1.9v

I did know the board required 1.8v but can't find anyone who knows if the 1.9v will work, or if there will be problems.

Since Corsair will not answer the question, I would take that as either they haven't tested it or they just don't care. I would expect a company as well known as Corsair to at least say " I don't know" rather then just ignore the question.


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  • Corsair Employees
Actually that’s been pulled from our configurator but most of the Intel MB's give you the Voltage setting under Burn in mode. I don’t know why Intel removed it with this MB. Maybe there was some voltage issue with the MB. I would check with Intel to be sure. However, I would suggest using only MB's that allow you to set the memory voltage with our XMS modules other wise Value Select would be suggested. Sorry!
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Hi, it seems im not the only one then huh...lol

i managed to find ram which runs flawless in this board.


crucail PC6400 cas 5-5-5-15 @ 1.8v


timmings are the same as corsair pc6400 xms2 ram under SPD


down side though crucial alittle on the expensive side however built on 1.8v.

it works at 800mhz no probs without me having to adjust settings as the SPD sorts it out nicely...


hope this helps...Gary

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This combination (DP965LT + 2 x CM2X1024-6400) will NOT work.


We tried it here in single / dual channel mode with no success.


actually m8 the memory i used was crucail pc6400 - voltage 1.8v...timings 555-12 (works flawlessly)


no need to adjust voltage as its runs standard at 1.8v at 800mhz....:D:

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