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Voyager - Can't See Security Drive


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I just purchased a Voyager 4G. Dowloaded and installed the latest Voyager Utility. I partitition the drive (3.5GB open and 500MB secure). Than, I formatted both drives (Volume label CorsairOpen and CorsairLock). Set the password after successful format. After all done, I unplug and plug the flash in again. However, I only see the open partition as login. I find find the secure drive anywhere.


On my system (XP w/ SP2), other than the C:, D:, E:, I have a few other network mapped drives. Not sure if any of this is cause it.


Can someone help?

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I fixed it. Looks like Voyager require consecutive drives letter available. For example, it the standard drive is set toi "J:", than it would require "K:" to be available for the secure drive to show up. It does not know how to skip to the next available drive. That's bad practice.


Now that I got it resolved, I ran into another issue. I get this message when I plug it into my USB 2.0 laptop:


"the disk in drive K is not formatted. Do you want to format it now."


What is going on? The K drive was formatted in a laptop that has USB 1.0. I have also test formatting the K: drive on the USB 2.0 laptop then try to access it from the USB 1.0 laptop... still the same error.


Is there a compatability issue here? Both my laptops are running the XP SP2.


Please help.

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Answered my own questions again. Something went crazy as the content of my USB are all gobbled up. The contents within the folders are non-readable. I ran ezRecover but it failed. Return it to the store for a replace. This time, I am not going to use the security feature again.


For those who want sot know, DO NOT USE THE SECURITY FEATURE!!!! IT IS VERY INCONSISTENT. I won't trust my data in this.:evil:

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