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two 1 GB ram hate each other?


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My Fujitsu N6010 was purchased equipped with 2x256MB ram.

I bought 1 GB ram Corsair valueselect (vs1gsds400) two months ago and replace one of the original ram.

Works like a charm.


yesterday I purchased one more identical 1 GB ram Corsair valueselect (vs1gsds400) to make my notebook into a 2 gb ram machine.


Well, by itself the RAM works fine.

The problem appears only when two corsairs are plugged in together. The BIOS only recognize ram in bank 0 and don't detecting bank 1.

The same happens when I switch the 2 rams.


Windows system properties only recognized 1024mb of memory.

dxdiag.exe recognized the memory size to be 1024mb.

The only software that can detect 2048mb memory is cpu-z (freeware).


Fujitsu chat support note that it is possible that the corsair ram do not support dual channel.


Any thoughts is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Fujitsu Chat Support are apparently clueless.


There is no such thing as Dual Channel memory, as this is a property of the memory controller in how it handles memory. This is why you can place memory in different slot configurations on a motherboard and it will register as single or dual channel.


In otherwords, when they suggested that the memory may not support dual channel, they were either ignorant of how a memory controller works, and/or passing the buck.


This isn't to say it may not be a bad stick, but just that the reason they gave you was irrelevant to ANYTHING.



If regarldess of the order of the sticks when both are in the system, the BIOS only sees something in the same slot each time and not the other, this eliminates the memory. It's either a bad slot, or a bad memory controller.


When the 2x256 were in the system, did it see 512 or 256?

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When the original rams are installed (2x256mb), the notebook detect the memory as 512mb.


When 1 gig corsair ram and 256mb ram installed, the notebook registered 1256mb memory.


I swapped the other 1 gig corsair and the notebook still see 1256mb memory.

Not only that, I switch banks and still got 1256mb memory.


Problem only appears when two 1 gig corsair are installed together. Then the BIOS only see bank 0.


It's mind boggling (at least for me)

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Organization? Could it be the memory controller in the notebook doesn't recognize the way the DRAM chips are organized, i.e., 128Mx64?


When I use the Corsair Memory Configurator and look up your notebook computer, it points me to this module:


Corsair CMSS1GB-333SOD 1GB DDR333 PC2700 SO-DIMM Memory Retail ***Free Shipping***


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I know that my fujitsu support 333MHz.

But on fujitsu forum, several people use 400MHz ram and they are OK.

Besides, theoretically speaking, higher speed ram would just clock down.


If the ram doesn't work on Fujitsu, then none would work on my notebook. Having one ram works shows that the notebook accept the ram.

Looks to me that the 2 corsair ram conflict each other.

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Actually, the Value Select memory that you bought yesterday may not be identical to the one that you buy today -- even if both bear the same part number. That's because the Value Select modules come to Corsair as pre-assembled modules, not individual IC and circuit board components. And the suppliers of the pre-assembled modules used for the Value Select line vary.
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The memory is fine on its own.

I ran memtest on each one of them. Each of the 1 gig ram module passed the test.


Not only that, I tested each module on bank 0 and bank 1 and each module passed.

This shows that the ram modules are not damaged AND both banks are not damaged too.

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Let's get them both replaced. Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part! Or *New* Tech Support Express” and we will be happy to replace them or it, please note that you are posting from the forum!
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