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Value Select technical question


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On Corsair Value select DDR2 modules the normal IC details from the manufacturer are not present. I understand this has something to do with reducing costs and the like. Also that ICs in the value line change from time to time. But Corsair marks something of their own on the ICs which I would like to inquire about.


Basically, what I would like to know is what information Corsair marks the ICs with? Is it still possible to at least tell who manufactured the ICs if specific details are not?


For example, I have some Corsair VS DDR2 667. On the ICs I have the following in the below picture. I have been told it is Micron based. Does the underlined "MI" prefix in the below picture mean it is Micron based? I have another set which has "IN" instead in the same spot. Does this mean it is Infineon based?




Also what does the rest of that code and other markings designate? Can someone clarify please?



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Not even whether the ICs are made by one manufacturer or another?


I thought that such details might not be for public eyes, but it may be worth a shot asking. I'm not after every last bit of info about them, just the manufacturer of the ICs.


If details about the Value line of Corsair ram are protected by non-disclosure then why is it that details about the XMS line are available? The only reason I thought Value Select ICs were not identified was because that no records were kept, not that it is privileged information:confused:.


I'd be happy with a "we cannot disclose this information" response as it is better than no response at all.

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