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Bad Ram Stick


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I have an HP zv6000 laptop. I put in a 1 GB Value Select PC2700 and had no problems for a month or so. Just yesterday while playing a game called Dark Age of Camelot which I had been playing alot this passed month or so, it flashed quickly to a blue screen of death memory dump and rebooted before I could read what it said. Then, it became stuck in a loop of rebooting when trying to load windows. I put in the recovery CD for my laptop and it would load the windows installer but then when it would get to the point of "loading windows" during the installation it would hit a blue screen of death and reboot again. I was only able to resolve the problem by taking out the Corsair memory and replacing it with a new XXXXXXXXX 1 GB PC 2700 stick. Now windows loads fine and no blue screen of death. I did not reformat or reinstall windows as it would bluescreen/reboot before I could, and when I replaced the memory I did not need to reinstall windows as it corrected the problem right away, meaning this was NOT A SOFTWARE ISSUE. I consider myself to be extremely computer savvy as I do technical support as my job. I KNOW FOR CERTAIN THIS IS BAD RAM and I would like to have it replaced please. I do not at all like the fact that I even have to write this silly post let alone how you're technical support is unavailable to answer my call even though it is during normal business hours at the moment. I am less then pleased. :mad: Please send me an RMA number.
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