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Asus MN2-E..Please help


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I have recently made a new setup with this asus motherboard and a ddr2 667 memory (not Corsair) and I am experiencing serious instability issues.. blue screens etc etc.


I would appreciate it if you could tell me whether these modules are fully compatible, or if you have any other recommendations: TWIN2X1024-5400C4PRO


The max ddr voltage my mobo can reach after updating to the new bios (203) is 1.95v


I have heard that this mobo and the rest of the asus series require micron chips in order to be stable..but im not sure if this is true.


Please give me an honest answer as i have already spend 100£ on memory which doesn't work :( another major performance memory manufacturer) and I wouldn't want to do the same for a second time.


Kind Regards


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Hi Mike


Yes i have seen that also in the mem configurator...Does this mean that corsair has tested the memory with my mobo...or just assumes it works based on spefifications.


If you have some personal experience on the matter I would like to know. Sorry for asking you again, but I really want to make sure that the memory I buy will not be giving me BSOD like the one i have. Generally the M2N-E seems to be very picky on its Ram...believe me I am one out of many people who found out the hard way:(

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