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Dual chanel instability


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Here is setup:

DFI LanParty UT Ultra-D (04/04/06bios)

X2 3800+ (939)

2x1GB Corsair Value Select (VS2GBKIT400C3)

Gigabyte 7900GT

Maxtor 300Gb SATA

Tagan Xeye 420W

SB Audigy 4


Ran memtest86+ with RAM in single channel mode for 24 hrs. No errors, but when I try dual chanel, i have errors, and windows crash every now and then.

Mem. setings are: 3,4,4,8 with 2,7v recommended by Corsair. I tried 2,5v & 2,6v, as well as 3,3,3,8 timings, without any good achievement.

Any suggestions?

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The PSU you have my not be enough for that Video card you have. Please check with the maker of your Video card to be sure. But if the modules run one up with out problems then it most likely not the memory. But I would try them in the other two slots at 27X Volts and just let the MB bios set the timing.
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Before this proc. & mem. I have Venice 3000+ 2,6@2,45v & OCZ VX 2x512mb pc4000 510mhz@3,3v with no problems. I think it's not the PSU, but memory problem or compatibility with DFI board. The Video card was the same.

Please help.

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I check't on Dfi-street about my mem. and they thold me that problem is incompatibility dfi nf4 boards with COrsair Value memories. :sigh!:

That does not sound correct to me. First, I see users over various forums with DFI + VS. Second, the VS memory comes with various ICs depending on which manufacturer they are purchased from. So, to generically state that they are incompatible does not make sense as there are many different ICs used over the different batches of VS made. . A good bios+MOBO should be able to run most value type memories.


My guess is that there is a bios setting or combineation of settings you could find to make it work.



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