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Fry's selling bad ram?

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Ok so I went to fry's about 3 weeks ago. The reason this problem is occuring now is because I only booted up my system once with the new memory, Corsair, 512 3200 184PIN, then I left for Flordia for a couple weeks. I get back and my system wont get pass DOS. It starts loading up windows, then about 3/4ths of the way through it just reboots itself. I take out the new memory, boom it works just fine. Now going back to my topic... Fry's, also known as Outpost.com sold me a box with a slit cut through it, obviously because someone had previously used it. I did not notice this at the time of purchase, untill I got home and went to open it, and it was already open. I looked passed that for a moment because I was too excited having bought new ram (I'll be honest, I can never afford 'new' things.) Since it had worked on the first boot, I just figured everything was ok. Sooo my question is, why would it boot the first time, but not the second. Also, is this covered in the warrenty since it had already been opened before I bought it without my knowledge. I'm kinda POed right now because I can't possibly afford buying new ram. Sorry if this was too long, hopfully this can be easily answered. Thank you for your time,



Windows XP - Fully upto date.

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