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DFI Lanparty UT CFX3200-DR w/ TWINX2048-3200


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I just recently built my own system using a Lanparty T CFX3200-DR, and two TWINX2048-3200 packs for this.


I can't even get the system to POST or boot using these four sticks of RAM.


However, I have tried one of my friend's spare Kingston 1gb PC2700 sticks, which is a 2.5V, and it worked just fine. I noticed that the Corsair memory was rated 2.6V.


I checked the compatability page for the RAM and my motherboard, and both the TWINX2048-3200, and the CMX1024-3200 sticks are both listed as compatable.


Is there any way I can get these 4 sticks to work? I'd rather not let them sit around collecting dust.


Thank you,



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Have you tried each pair (2 sticks instead of 4) ? Do you have the latest bios installed on the MOBO? And, if you can get it to boot with either pair, I'd suggest testing with http://www.memtest.org Additionally, it "might" be a power related problem. The Rosewill is not known for solid rails or build quality. I think it may be the Newegg in-house brand.


Mike .

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