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MemTest Halting - PC Chips Mobo - Bad RAM?

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first off, I'm a novice PC builder so please bear with me.


I think I have a bad mem module (512mb VS ddr 333) as I recently started having trouble with a machine that's been running flawlessly for almost a year.


About 2 months ago I suddenly started having intermittent reboots. Sometimes very quickly after startup, sometimes not for hours. Today, I've been running Memtest for hours with no shutdown/reboot issues. When I start Windows XP Pro, it will fail eventually, regardless of the application.


Before I had any trouble, I installed an ATI TV Wonder Pro PCI card and if memory serves, my problems started shortly thereafter, but not right away. I did uninstall the card and all related software since then.


I've run Memtest 86+ and it Halts (Unexpected Interrupt) during Test 7. It gives a great deal of info listed in red, including Type: Inv_Op, PC: 00000000, CS: 00000010, Eflag: 00010097, and then goes on to list a bunch of other stuff under Stack:.


Don't know what else to do at this point.


Any ideas?


If the RAM guy is out there, my case number is 187597.



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