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Gigabyte GA-8IDML-MC


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I searched for this motherboard and my system without much luck, so I figured I would just post.


I have a somewhat older system, a Powerspec 8250, that I want to upgrade the RAM. It has a Gigabyte GA-8IDML-MC motherboard in it and the motherboard specs indicates support for up to 2 GB ram (2 slots) of PC-133, 168 pin. Also indicates it supports ECC ram.


After going to Microcenter and finding out the above information (and that they do not sell anything higher than 512 MB sticks), I purchased two 1GB sticks of Corsair PC-133 ram (CM744S1024-133/S) and attempted to install them. The system won't startup with that RAM in it and instead gives me a rapid beep tone followed by a beep tone that I can best describe as emulating an ambulance siren.


The label on the Corsair RAM goes as follows:





I looked for the manual BIOS settings but did not see enough to give me a chance to alter things and give it a shot.


Any help?

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I think my continuing research may have answered my question, unfortunately.


When I purchased this RAM I did not realize it was registered, and I do not believe that my motherboard supports registered RAM. Some confirmation on this would be helpful, or possibly some suggestions on where to go from here.



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Are there any motherboards you might recommend? Or does it seem like too much wheel-spinning to get a motherboard to match PC133 ram that I have already purchased?


Cost is an obvious concern, though I am likely to be able to re-sell the RAM on eBay and recoup the costs and attempt to find 1 GB sticks of PC133 ram that are made by a different manufacturer. I only paid $129.00 for both sticks. The goal here is to allow me to cheaply upgrade my system. The stupid reason is that I play DAOC and after a couple expansion packs, 768 MB of RAM is not cutting it anymore.

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My bad. I meant to say, any motherboard/processors you might suggest that are equal to or better than what I have now, which is a P4 1.4 Ghz. I suppose that's where i came up with the spinning wheels analogy. It almost seems like it makes more sense to sell the PC133 ram I bought and look at a new motherboard that takes the newer, faster ram than replace a motherboard to use PC133 ram.


I don't know the economics or practicality of these solutions. I'm able enough to install the parts once I have them; it's now apparently purchasing the correct parts that appears to be the problem. I have a video card that is good enough for the time being (nVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT) and my sound card is fine, and I'm not even all that upset with the speed of the processor. I'm just lacking in the ram department and I guess until reading some of the threads and info on this board (of course, after I bought the ram) that I realized some of the problems of going into a store (Microcenter, Best Buy, anywhere) and ordering ram simply because it has better specs than what is already installed. I didn't know, for instance, the differences between registered/unregistered ram, ecc ram, unbuffered ram.


I just now want to ensure that I'm upgrading in a way that is smart and allows for future upgrades that maximize the dollars spent as much as possible.

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