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compatibility by memory stick


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I have a group of CM72DD512AR-400/S memory sticks that were purchased for use in an Intel SE7230NH1-E motherboard as they appeared to meet the requirements but they did not function it that board and had to be replaced with some other memory. I would like to know what motherboards these sticks are known to work in so that I can build a system that can use them.


So I ask again: What motherboards does the CM72DD512AR-400/S memory stick work in?

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  • Corsair Employees

Any MB that takes Registered ECC DDR2 memory.

The MB you have takes Un_Buffered memory

Dual-channel memory with support for up to 8 GB of unbuffered ECC DDR2 400/533/667 SDRAM through 4 DIMM sockets


I am sorry we do not search all of the MB's that can meet a Modules specification so know of no way to answer you.

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